Monologue / Contemporary Theater

Premiere at FIOT Carballo, Spain, 2019
Produced by El Sol de York
2021 Premios Max finalist for best new show

Girls and Boys, written by the award-winning British playwright Dennis Kelly, premiered at the Royal Court in 2018 and a year later it arrived at El Pavón Teatro Kamikace in Madrid as Chicas y Chicos, in a Sol de York production.

SHE, the protagonist, has faced glass ceilings, a job she was not destined for, reconciliation, feeling like a bad mother, and the small defeats and victories of any woman’s life. SHE talks to you about something that has been discussed a lot, but in a very different way: a way that makes you question your family photo album. SHE takes you on a roller coaster in which years and characters go by, in a monologue that is masterfully written, fast, bold, a great show for a single actress.

And along with SHE, the children, the minors. Of whom very little is said and who are so alone in the face of life’s bureaucracy. Those invisible but firm characters that sustain the story, just as outside the theater they sustain the future.

Chicas y Chicos is not what it seems. And neither is the life SHE leads.

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Directed by Lucía Miranda
Author: Dennis Kelly
Cast: Antonia Paso
Set designer: Anna Tussell
Sound designer: Irene Maquieira
Light designer: Pedro Yagüe
Costume designer: Anna Tussell /Adolfo Domínguez
Producer: Javier Ortiz
Distribution: Crémilo
Poster designer: Paula Bonet
Photographer: Alejandra Duarte
Press: María Díaz