Verbatim Documentary Theater

Premiere at the LAVA of Valladolid, Spain, 2017
Produced by Cross Border Project in collaboration with the Castile-Leon regional government, the Madrid regional government and the LAVA of Valladolid
Max Award finalist for Best Theatrical Authorship

During the spring of 2016 Lucía Miranda interviewed teachers, non-teaching staff, mothers and students at a high school and did a documentary theater workshop with the students. Respecting the wishes of the interviewees, she changed all the original names to maintain their anonymity, creating this verbatim documentary theater piece within the INAEM’s 5th Contemporary Playwriting Development Program.

Chosen by RNE as one of the 10 best productions of 2017 and by Diario Critico as one of the best productions of 2018, it was presented in two seasons at Madrid’s Teatro Español and toured 30 cities.

Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta addresses education and the educational system, adolescence, migration and cultural diversity. It asks questions about the creation of identity, about homeland and about the elements that shape us as individuals and as a community.

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Written and directed by: Lucía Miranda
Cast: Anahí Beholi, Huichi Chiu, Miriam Montilla, Ángel Perabá, Efraín Rodríguez
Special collaboration of Laura Santos as the voice of the School Official; and Esther Sánchez playing the Viola
Sound designer: Nacho Bilbao
Set designer and graphic designer: Javier Burgos
Light designer: Toño Camacho
Assistant director: Belén de Santiago
Movement advicer: Ángel Perabá
Costume designer: Paz Yañez
Chinese-shadows workshop: Carlos Nuevo