Verbatim Documentary Theater

Premiere at Microtheater Miami, United States, 2019
Produced by Microtheater MiamiCCE Miami and the Knight Foundation
Text awarded a prize from Teatro Autor Exprés 2019

Microtheater Miami and the Centro Cultural Español de Miami, with funding from the Knight Foundation, produced I am Miami, a verbatim documentary theater play that tells the city’s history from the 1980s to the present day. This is a set of seven fifteen-minute plays written for the seven Microtheater containers, setting up an immersive show, a journey through Miami’s recent history that includes its glamorous parties, drugs, hurricanes, the drag king movement, Central American and Haitian migration and Cuban exile.

Lucía Miranda traveled to Miami to conduct interviews and workshops with more than 60 people from the city in Spanish and English. She selected and transformed this material into a performance piece that was put on for five weeks during the Microtheater Miami season.

Written and directed by: Lucía Miranda
Cast: Luciano Cortés, Marise Jiménez, Angelina López Catledge, Ron Chávez, Pablo Cunqueiro, Lilibeth Taveras, Rafael Farello, Adela Romero, Lizandra Parra, Rafael Pedroza, Leticia Carmona, Luis Guillermo Hidalgo, Aaron Urbano, Patricia Contreras, Sterling Tribue, Yesler de la Cruz, Carolina Speroterra
Producer: Sara Coriat
Assistant producer: Milkos DSosa
Graphic designer and set: Javier Burgos
Sound designers: Oswald Lewis, Andre Galindo, Conrad Robinson,  Aquiles Hinestrosa, Youssef Hemimy, Juan Sebastián Segura y  Diego Uncein