Forum Theater

Premiere at Río Selmo, Spain, 2019
Produced by The Cross Border Project
2021 Premios Max finalist for best show for children, youth or family audiences

Lucía Miranda interviewed women professors and engineers at the Carlos III University of Madrid and other women who have historically masculine careers (CEO, rally driver, welder, disc jockey, police officer) and used their stories to write La chica que soñaba (“The Girl Who Dreamed”)

This is a forum theater show that is created by everyone present, in which the public becomes a “spect-actor”, joining in to play with the cast and improvising a possible solution to the conflict that is presented.

The main character dreams of robots and Maxwell’s equations. But she could just as well have dreamed of running a company. Or driving race cars. Or being a disc jockey at big festivals. The piece raises questions such as: what makes us choose our profession? How much does gender influence this choice? And how much is motherhood an influence once we are working?

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Jocker, written and directed by Lucía Miranda
Cast: Anahí Beholi, Belén de Santiago, Ángel Perabá
Set designer and graphic designer: Javier Burgos
Costume designer: Paz Yáñez
Sound designer: Nacho Bilbao
Producer: Helena Ordoñez
Assistant director: José Ortuño