Classical Theater

Premiere at the Teatro Sánchez Aguilar, Guayaquil, Ecuador 2013
Produced by Teatro Sánchez Aguilar, Ecuador
“El Violento no es Valiente” Award from UN Women and UNICEF, in Latin America

The first production of Ecuador’s Sánchez Aguilar Theater, this play is a version of The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest by Tirso de Molina, set in modern-day Ecuador. Using forum theater tools, the director, together with Manolo Larrea, conducted interviews with women survivors of gender violence at the Guayaquil Hospital, whose testimonies were incorporated into the production.

The four main characters attend a talk show where a real Ecuadorian television presenter, the famous Mariela Viteri, segues into the stories of the women seduced by Don Juan in a work of flashback and magical realism. In the end, Don Juan himself appears on the television show set and it will be the theater audience who will judge the events, instead of the King as in the original version. The show features a group playing live pasillo music.

The piece, which included a pedagogical project, questions romantic relationships in present-day Ecuadorian society, focusing on gender violence and its treatment in the media.

Directed by: Lucía Miranda
Dramaturgy: Sergio Adillo
Cast: Luis Aguilar, Ángela Arboleda, Juan Pablo Asanza, Gilby de la Paz, Belén Idrobo, Anibal Páez, Ricardo Velastegui, Érika Vélez, Mariela Viteri
Music director: Manolo Larrea
Musicians: Trío Evocación (Carolina Gómez, Julio Moran, Elizabeth Villacis)
Light designer: Carlos Fajardo
Costume designer: Maru Sáenz
Assistant producer: Melissa González