Documentary Theater

Premiere at the FIBA of Santiago de Chile, 2017
Produced by Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA) and Institut Français

In 2014, the authors and directors Maelle Poesy (France), Jorge Eiro (Argentina), Lucía Miranda (Spain), Pedro Granato (Brazil) and Florencia Lindner (Uruguay) met each other at the LCT Director’s Lab at Lincoln Center in New York. That experience and the diversity of their points of view (artistic and political) led them to continue the exchange for more than two years through Skype meetings, email and other means. Federico Irazabal, the Director of FIBA, invited them to create a project for FIBA 2017. A “borders and belonging” creation, co-directed by Jorge Eiro and Maelle Poesy, where the five artists who met in New York would also be authors and actors.

País Clandestino is an autobiographical documentary theater piece that has toured festivals in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Portugal and France.

It is a play that speaks of who we were, to imagine who we want to be. A look at family, political heritage, travel or protests, etc. An exploration of testimony, memory and reminiscence, of their materialization and their evolution in a digital world such as that inhabited by the characters’ generation. The proposition is the audience’s journey into a clandestine country, that of the rehearsal space; seeing five directors and authors work live, directing and rewriting each other at each presentation, at a specific moment: that of the performance, the here and now.

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Conception and performance: Jorge Eiro, Pedro Granato, Florencia Linder, Lucia Miranda, Maëlle Poésy
Staging: Jorge Eiro, Maëlle Poésy
Scenography: Agustina Filipini
Lighting designer: Matias Sendon (Argentina) , Anna Turra (Brasil)
Video production: Marcos Medici