Contemporary drama

Premiere at the Teatro Circo Murcia, Spain, 2013
Produced by Cross Border Project with the collaboration of the Valladolid LAVA and the San Chinarro Cultural Center
“José Luis Alonso” Award from the Association of Stage Directors (ADE) for young directors

Considered by El País as “the show of a generation”, it was a critical and public success, playing for two seasons at Sala Mirador. The creation process included interviews with the cast’s parents, whose voices are part of the piece.

Inspired by the story of Peter Pan and written by Barrie expert Silvia Herreros de Tejada, it is set in the Spanish economic crisis and features the so-called “lost generation” at the heart of the story: Spain becomes the Country of Never Never Will You Work in the Field You Studied, Peter Pan is a “Ni-Ni” who neither studies nor works, and Wendy is a super-qualified young woman destined to emigrate in order to work. With live music in a rowdy music hall style, it is a social critique and an appeal to believe in fairies in difficult times.

Original idea and directed by: Lucía Miranda
Dramaturgy: Silvia Herreros de Tejada
Poems by Brenda Ascoz e Isabel Cadenas
Cast: Ángel Perabá, Rennier Piñero, Efraín Rodríguez, Belén de Santiago y Laura Santos
Soundscape and music: Nacho Bilbao
Light designer: Toño Camacho y Pedro Yagüe
Set designer: Basurama
Costume designer: Laura Velasco y Paz Yañez
Sound documentary: Déborah Gros
Assistant producers: Andrés Gil y Marta Martínez
Poster designer: Raúl Allén y Javier Burgos
Photographer: Eva Filgueira