Forum Theater

Premiere at the Festival Sénégalais de Théâtre-forum, Dakar, Senegal. 2012
Produced by The Cross Border Project

This is a forum play that reflects on care and the distribution of tasks in the family when someone is sick or disabled. It is a participatory piece, in which the audience intervenes and comes onstage to become one of the characters, suggesting their way of solving the conflicts and improvising with the cast.

The piece, both fun and moving, shows the daily life of a woman whose elderly mother has Alzheimer’s and her relationship with the family and the Romanian caregiver. The show raises questions about how gender influences care, relationships with migrant caregivers and their personal situation, and the needs of patients of this type.

The show has been seen in venues as diverse as Fira Tárrega, the Plovdiv Festival in Bulgaria or the 10 Sentidos of Valencia.

Written and directed by Lucía Miranda
Cast: Ángel Perabá, Belén de Santiago y Laura Santos
Poster designer: Javier Burgos
Photographer: Guillermo Uña y Diego Gonzáles Sanz